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Writing and media training services for businesses,
nonprofits and government agencies

Dave Griffiths Communications

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Writing/Editing and Training in Media Relations, Speaking, Presentation and Writing

Dave GriffithsDave Griffiths Communications is a small business writing and editing service that can frame and deliver your message, and a source for business writing, presentation skills and media relations training. Dave works on the premise that no matter how compelling the content of what you have to write or say, you risk losing your readers -- or not getting their attention in the first place -- if you don't have effective communication skills. Dave can do the freelance writing and editing, or he can help you sharpen your own skills via seminars or one-on-one business communications training.

The same goes for media relations training, whether drafting press releases, doing media outreach or preparing yourself for crisis communications. Calling on 35 years in journalism and teaching, Dave Griffiths can train you via realistic role-playing keyed to your business, nonprofit or government agency -- without the fees of a large agency.

What's In It For You:

  • The astounding pace of technological change doesn't alter one elementary fact of life -- the need to write clearly and concisely. Indeed, like it or not, email makes writers out of all of us.
  • Business writing skills are the key to successful management, whether you're reaching out to shareholders, clients, customers, vendors, employees or the media. And if you write well, you'll be much more effective at public speaking and presentation.
  • To get your message out there, you must understand how reporters and editors and television producers work, and the mutual gain for both sides of any media relations encounter. Dave can help you get there with role-playing on camera individually or in groups.
  • Communicating in a crisis doesn't have to be a media relations pitfall -- not if you're prepared. In fact, it can be an opportunity to improve your image and sharpen your message.

Dave Griffiths:

Dave Griffiths does freelance writing and freelance editing and travels widely to do business communication training, writing training and media relations training for clients ranging from the U.S. Coast Guard to the Red Cross to the Department of Homeland Security to senior executives at a variety of federal agencies to businesses seeking more effective communications skiils, including both technical writing and written sales proposals. < MORE>